Kathy Corey On Fine Arts Competition

The NCS high school participates in the Bob Jones University Fall Festival almost every year.  The choir, mixed ensemble, selected small groups and individuals compete in vocal music, instrumental music, speech, drama, and preaching competition.  

Northside is a memeber of ACSI which allows us to participate in various fine arts and academic contests throughout the year.  Here is a list of the 2015 - 2016 competitions.

Bob Jones Univ. Fall Festival Nov 2 - 6
ACSI District Spelling Jan 16
OMEA Solo and Ensemble Feb 13
ACSI Elementary Speech Mar 12
OMEA Choir Mar 12
ACSI HS Speech  Mar 8
ACSI JH Speech Apr 9
ACSI Grades 3-12 Art Apr 9
ACSI Grades 7-12 Music Apr 9