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Curriculum Overview

Northside Christian School is in the process of increasing its usage of Bob Jones University Press in every subject area because of its emphasis on research- and standards-based educational content, a high standard of academic rigor, and distinctive biblical-worldview shaping integrated into every subject. Copies of the Scope and Sequence are available which list specific skills taught in each subject for each grade level.

Once a month, upper class secondary students present a Bible lesson as part of our mentoring program. Elementary students love the opportunity to learn from high school students.

Elementary Handbook

NCS Handbook


Elementary Procedures

An elementary student's Ohio project
An elementary student's Ohio project

Grade Reports

Northside Christian School maintains a nine-week reporting period. A grade report is sent home at the end of each nine-week period stating academic progress and showing areas of conduct that need to be improved. An interim progress report is sent home half-way through the nine-week period if your child's grades drop two grade levels or are below a C average. All tests or major projects that receive a D or F will be sent home for a parent’s signature.

Please feel free to contact a teacher and set up a conference if you have any questions after receiving these reports. We encourage communication between the parent and the teacher. If an account becomes delinquent, the grade report will be held until arrangement for payment has been made with the office.

Honor Roll 

The honor roll is compiled after each nine-week grading period and semester. Honor roll is awarded for grades 4 through 12.

This honor roll is determined by the following qualifications:

• Honor Roll of the Highest Honor — all A’s

• Honor Roll with Special Honor — all A’s & B’s

An incomplete on a report card may prevent the student’s name from being included in any published record of the honor roll.

High school mentors teach a Bible lesson to elementary students.
High school mentors teach a Bible lesson to elementary students.

Grading Scale

The following grading scale is used throughout the school:

92-100 = A

83-91 = B

74-82 = C

65-73 = D

64 and below = F 

Although the final grade is given as a letter, it is based on an average of the percentage grades.

Incomplete is given when requirements have not been met. A student is given ample time to make up an incomplete grade. If it is not made up within the prescribed time, usually a day’s grace for each day with an excused absence, the grade will be changed to reflect the missing assignments.

Elementary Non-Academic Classes

Kindergarten and elementary non-academic classes such as music or art are graded by a number, indicating an effort grade:

1 - strong effort

2 - normal effort

3 - little or no effort