Fee Schedule

Application Fee for New Students

2020 – 2021 Application Fee (New students)


$150 Per NEW student due upon acceptance into NCS

Note: an additional $50 per student will be assessed if special admissions testing is required.


The school nurse tests a student's eyesight

Facility Fee for All Students

2020 – 2021 Facility Fee


$100 Per student in all grade levels.

Used for costs related to ongoing capital improvements including funding for the recently completed Campbell Building.


Class and Activity Fee for Full-Time Students

2020 – 2021 Class and Activity Fees


$250 Per student in all grade levels.

Covers the costs of consumable items (workbooks, yearbooks, music), many student activities (field trips, fine arts productions, retreats, special assemblies, student admission to all home games), and other resources (code.org, office365, CCP textbooks). 

Other Secondary Fees

2019 – 2020 Secondary Sports Fee

  • Interscholastic sports fees for grades 6-­12 are per sport, per athlete. 
  • Fall sports $160: Volleyball and Soccer for grades 6-12 will be billed via the FACTS Management Company website. 
  • Winter sports $160: Basketball for grades 6-­12 and Cheerleading for grades 9-12 will be billed via the FACTS Management Company website.
  • Spring sports $80: Track and Baseball for grades 6-­12 will be billed via the FACTS Management Company website. 

BJU Fine Arts Contest Trip Fee (9th — 12th grade) 

  • Fall 2020 contest fees have not been determined. This will be a virtual competition this year.
  • For Fall 2019, the cost was $200 per student.
  • Fundraising opportunities are available to help reduce the cost.
  • This one-time fee covers the registration and travel costs for the BJU Fine Arts Festival Trip. This fee will be billed via FACTS. This fee will be due at the end of October.

Part-time student fees

Visit the part-time student information page to view fees.


2020 – 2021 Re-enrollment Fees

  • 2021-22 school year re-enrollment fees will be announced in early 2021.
  • For the past year, re-enrollment fees ranged from $100-$200 per student depending on how early families re-enrolled.
  • This fee is non-refundable.


  • Most fees will be billed via the FACTS Management Company website.    
  • All tuition and fees must be paid prior to a senior taking part in the graduation ceremony.