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Bible Scope and Sequence

From Pre-K all the way through 12th grade, students at Northside Christian School receive age-appropriate Bible training in the classroom.

Pre-K: Bible stories from creation through the ascension of Jesus; Bible memory

Kindergarten: “Bible Truths” — creation, Old Testament characters, the life of Christ, prayer, and the life of Paul; Bible memory

1st Grade: “Enjoying God’s Gifts” — exploring the many gifts of love that Jesus has given to us (i.e. creation, families, friends, possessions, Jesus Christ, and God’s care) and how to interact with those in light of God’s grace; Bible memory

2nd Grade: “Finding God’s Promises” — The life of Moses and his leadership of Israel are used to teach that obedience to God's commands brings blessings as God fulfills His promises in their lives; Bible memory

3rd Grade: “Growing with God” — The lives of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel teach students to see how God worked in the lives of these men as they faced opposition but remained faithful to God; Bible memory

4th Grade: “Building Life Castles” — Children will learn to apply the life of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the life and writings of Paul to their own lives; Bible memory

5th Grade: “Possessing the Land” — An Old Testament survey course, this course draws parallels between God's desire for Israel to possess Canaan and his desire for His children to live in a spiritual realm of promise and victory; Bible memory

6th Grade: “Winning the Race” — Drawing from various Bible characters and an overview of Revelation, students will learn how the principles of God's Word can help them gain victory in the race of life; Bible memory

7th/8th Grade: Combined Bible class — Old and New Testament Survey rotations, supplemented with Big Truths for Little Hearts

9th/10th Grade: Combined Bible class — Hermeneutics (how do we study the Bible) and The Gospel rotations.

11th/12th Grade: Combined Bible class — Theology and Biblical Worldview rotations.

Education is a means of teaching students to learn, love, and live Christ