Preschool and Elementary Latchkey

At Northside, we understand the demands put on families.  We provide a Latchkey Program for preschool and elementary students who need additional care after school.  

Our latchkey program runs from 3:20 PM until 6:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Latchkey runs from 3:20 PM until 5:30 PM on Wednesday.

Latchkey Schedule

3:20  Latchkey Begins
3:40 Snack and Story Time
3:45  Snack Clean Up
3:50 Restroom Break
4:00 Outside/gym/lunchroom play time
4:30 Return to latchkey room
4:35 Free Time.  Older students can use to do homework and study.  Once a week, a specific craft will be offered to all of the students.


Latchkey Fees


Number of Days 1st Child 2nd Child Additional Children

4 or 5 Days


 $230 /month  $200 /month  $130 /month
3 Days  $155 /month  $120 /month  $70 /month
2 Days  $115 /month  $80 /month  $40 /month
Drop In  $15 /day  $15 /day  $15 /day


Supply Fee:

One time fee of $15 for full-time students and $10 for part-time students.  This is due the first day of attendance.


Payments will be made monthly through April 30th.  If payments are not made by the last day of the month, your child will not be accepted in Latchkey the next day.