Preschool Tuition

2018/2019 Preschool Tuition Schedule


  K4 K5
3 Half Days (M, W, F) $2810 N/A
3 Full Days (M, W, F) $3770 N/A
5 Half Days $3600 $3870
5 Full Days $5400 $5590
Occasional After-care Option (12:10 - 3:30) $15/day $15/day


Elementary / Middle / High School Tuition

2018/2019 Elementary/ Middle / High School Tuition Schedule


Child K4 - Full Day K5 - Half Day K5 - Full Day 1st - 3rd 4th - 5th   6th - 8th 9th - 12th
1 $5400 $3870 $5590 $5590 $5670   $5960 $6710
2 $4870 $3450 $5020 $5020 $5090   $5260 $5670
3   $2860 $4120 $4120 $4180   $4230 $4640
4 Or More   $1100 $1100 $1100 $1100   $1100 $1100


International Student Tuition

2018/2019 International Student Tuition Schedule

Tuition $7500
Application Fee $50
Enrollment Fee $500
Re-enrollment Fee $100 to $200
Book and Class Fee Varies with classes
Tutoring Fee (as needed determined by NCS) $20 per hour
Housing  $1,000 per month


Annual Tuition 
Those choosing to pay tuition on an annual basis are entitled to a 2% discount if the full amount is paid by August 1st. Families who enroll Deubner Center Gym Floorafter August 1st are entitled to the 2% discount if the full amount is paid within 10 days of acceptance. 
Monthly Payments 
The annual tuition is divided into ten or twelve equal monthly payments. The first payment is due on June 1st (12 month plan) or August 1st (ten  month plan) and the final payment is due on May 1st
Payment Options
Payments may be made by:
  • Headmaster (preferred)
  • Check
  • Automatic Bill Pay
  • Electronic Withdrawal
  • MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover
  • Cash
You may mail your payment to the school or drop off your payment in the school office.
Any bank charges imposed on NCS for returned checks will be charged to the student account.
In August, all families are required to sign the annual Financial Responsibility Agreement which details the NCS payment policy.  In summary, all payments are due on the first of each month.  Any account not paid on or before the tenth of the month is considered past due and may be assessed a $35 late fee and/or the family be required to enter an automatic withdraw agreement.  If the account is two months behind, the student(s) may be denied attendance at NCS and the local public school district notified of non-attendance.  Any consumable fees, lab fees, sports fees, and fines are due as they occur during the school year.  Report cards, school records, awards, and ceremonies may be withheld or denied if required payments are not made in full or if payments arrangements have not been approved by the financial administration.