Fee Schedule

2016/2017 Fee Schedule

The fee schedule for the 2016/2017 school year will be provided in July, 2016.  



2015/2016 Preschool Fees 


K4 Activity, Snack and Book Fee  $200
K5 Activity, Snack and Book Fee $125




2015/2016 Elementary Fees


First Grade
Classroom supplies, books, music, art, some activities, entry fees  $160
Second Grade
Classroom supplies, books, copy, music, art, some activities, entry fees $160
Third Grade
Classroom supplies, books, copy, music, art, some activities, entry fees $180
Fourth Grade
Classroom supplies, books, copy, music, art, some activities, entry fees $200
Fifth Grade
Classroom supplies, books, copy, music, art, some activities, entry fees $200
Sixth Grade
Copy, art, music, English, Bible, social studies, science, some activities, entry fees $205



2015/2016 Secondary Fees (Additional Fees May Apply Depending On Class Selection)


Seventh Grade

Copy, art, music, English, Bible, social studies, 

science, home economics, some activities, entry fees

Eighth Grade

Copy, art, music, English, Bible, Spanish, social studies, 

science, some activities, and entry fees

Ninth Grade

Copy, Art, Music, English, Bible, Science, Foreign Language

& Some Activities

Tenth Grade

Copy, English, Bible, science, Spanish, art, music, science,

 some activities, PSAT, entry fees

Eleventh Grade

Copy, English, Bible, Spanish, science, music, 

entry fees, PSAT, and activities 

Twelfth Grade

Copies, English, Bible, music, graduation, 

entry fees, and activities



Additional Fees -  Additional fees Depending On Class Selection

Robotics Elective

(Seventh, Eightth, Ninth)


Home Economics Elective



Art Elective

(Eleventh, Twelfth)


Accounting Elective 

(Eleventh, Twelfth)


Computer Science Elective

(Eleventh, Twelfth)


Music Theory Elective

(Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth)


Spanish Elective



Science Elective






























  • Class fees will be billed and may be paid online or by check in the office.    
  • Fees may be paid in one or more payments.
  • At least 1/3 of the total is due in the first payment by September 15.     
  • All fees are to be paid by November 15.  
  • All tuition and fees must be paid prior to a senior taking part in the graduation ceremony.  


2015/2016 Secondary Sports Fee


Interscholastic sports fees (grades 6-­‐12) are per sport -­ per athlete  and are payable in one or more payments to the office. 

  • Fall sports $150 (volleyball and soccer)  will be billed before October 1, and are due by November 15. 
  • Winter sports $150 (basketball grades 6-­‐12; cheerleading grades 8-­‐12) will be billed by February 1, with payment due by March 15.
  • Spring sport $75 (Track grades 6-­‐12) will be billed by April 1, and due by May 15.