Non Uniform Dress Expectations

Buying Non-Uniform Clothes for Approved Casual Days and Outside of the School Day Activities and Events

Several students, staff members, and parent have requested that we publish non-uniform grooming and attire expectations for casual days and other school activities. Below you will find the normal casual dress code information.


1. Skirts must go to the knee when standing and come at least to the knee when sitting.

2. High cut and loose fitting tops; No low-cut or tight fitting tops.

3. Loose slacks in a good state of repair worn around the waist. No tight fitting or low riding pants with rips or holes.

4. Shoes must cover the entire foot. In grades 6–12 boots are permitted during cold weather months.

5. Shorts for Gym Class or athletic practice shall come to the top of the knee.

6. Modest hair styles and colors. No extreme hair styles or unnatural hair colors.

7. Make-up shall be modest. Excessive eye shadow, blush, or lipstick is inappropriate.

8. Jewelry should reflect good taste, not be distracting, inappropriate, or pose a danger.

9. Appearance should be reflective of one who is fearfully and wonderfully made. No body piercing, extreme earpiercings (no more than 2 holes), tattoos, or other body markings.

10. Outer wear and hats are permitted only for outside of the buildings (coats, jackets, hoodies/sweatshirts).


1. Pants are to be in a good state of repair with not holes or rips, worn with a belt around the waist, and are not to drag on the ground or floor.

2. Boys’ shirts/tops are to be tucked in at all times. All but the top button is buttoned on shirt/tops, except when ties are worn, then shirts are to be buttoned to the top.

3. Hair should be off the collar and above the ears; No defined lines cut in the hair.

4. Hair should be neat, well groomed, clean, and of a natural color. No extreme hair styles are permitted. Boys are not to have bleached, colored, or dyed hair.

5. All boys must be clean-shaven; side burns-not below the mid-ear.

6. No necklaces or earrings may be worn.

7. No tank tops for school or activities.

8. Outer wear and hats are permitted only for outside of the buildings (coats, jackets, hoodies/sweatshirts).

Both Girls and Boys

1. White turtlenecks may be worn under long-sleeved shirts, blouses, or tops. * No worldly or inappropriately imprinted T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other garments. *Sports teams’ warm-up may be worn on game days during the season with Administrator and Coaches’ permission.

Key Point

Casual dress is permitted at all NCS after-school events unless otherwise specified; however, students who attend any school-sponsored event (whether home or away) must comply with the general dress code guidelines as stated above. When shorts are permitted, they are to be to the knee.