Part Time

Part Time / Home School Students


Northside is a discipleship school that exists to partner with Christian families and local churches to help students learn Christ, love Christ, and live Christ in the local church for a lifetime.  

Northside offers Christian families, who are unable to enroll full-time; spiritual, academic, social, artistic, musical, and physical opportunities on a part-time basis.


Requirements for All Part-Time Students

  • Must attend all chapels.
  • Must be enrolled in an approved Bible curriculum through the duration of the NCS class(es), either at home or NCS.
  • Must meet school uniform, grooming, and behavioral expectations and requirements.
  • Part-time students are to be present whenever the class or a class activity meets.
  • Selections are generally limited to the "specials" in lower grades due to the self-contained teacher's individual schedule.
  • Students are generally limited to course specific field trips and co-curricular activities. There may be an extra fee for theses activities. 
  • Annual school registration is $100.
  • Indiidual class registration is $50.
  • Tuition is based on 10 months.

Part-Time Secondary Student Requirements

  • Must take at least one core subject (Bible, English, Math, Science, Social Studies) (5 days a week). Sophomore Science Class
  • Must take at least one core subject  (Bible, English, Math, Science, Social Studies) to participate in sports. 
  • Can take a maximum of 3 credits per year.


Grades 9 - 12 One Time Fee Schedule (per class)

There may be additional fees for expensive field trips and activities.

Class Fee Credit Monthly Tuition  
Art $40 1/4 credit  $50
Biology $45 1 credit $120
Chemistry, Health,  $40 1 credit $120
Choir $40 1/2 credit  $70
English I, II, II, IV $15 1/2 credit $120
Music Theory $15 1/4 credit $50
Ensemble $30 1/4 credit $50
Drama $15 1/4 credit $50
Drama Production $75 0 credit  
Business Math $35 1 credit $120
Math $15 1 credit $120
Physical Science, Physics $35 1 credit $120
History, Geography, Government, Economics                $25 1/2 or 1 credit $120
Spanish I & II $25 1 credit $120
Spanish III, IV, and V $35 1 credit $120
Sports (per sport) $150 1/4 gym credit  
Study Hall   0 credit $25


Sports Fee

Varsity SoccerThe sports fee is a one-time fee per student per sport that does not include uniform purchase.  Fall sports fees ($150) are billed by October 1st and due by December 1st.   Winter sports ($150) are billed by February 1st and due by April 1st. and Spring Sports ($75) are billed April 1st and are due May 1st.

Part-Time Elementary Student Requirements


Available Classes K5 - Grade 5

Course Monthly Tuition One Time Class Fee
Art   $40 $40
Physical Education $40 $20
Music $40 $20
Computer Coding $40 $20

Grades 6 - 8 Part-Time Tuition and Fees


Class                                                          Monthly Tuition        One Time Fees 

Art     (2 periods / week)                                        $40                      $40

Bible, Science, English, Math, Social Studies      $120                     $35

Computer (5 days per week/3 days per week)     $120 / $70            $35

Music   (2 periods per week)                                   $40                     $20

Robotics  (2 periods per week)                                $40                     $60

Gym  (2 periods per week)                                      $40                     $20                                    

Sports (per sport)                                                                            $150 Fall and Winter; $75 Track & Field

Tuition Policies

Annual Tuition 
Those choosing to pay tuition on an annual basis are entitled to a 2% discount if the full amount is paid by August 1st. Families who enroll after August 1st are entitled to the 2% discount if the full amount is paid within 10 days of acceptance. 

Semester Tuition
For those choosing to pay tuition on a semester basis payment is due by Aug. 1st for the first semester and January 1st for the second Middle School Girls Basketballsemester. 

Monthly Payments 
The annual tuition is divided into ten or twelve equal monthly payments. The first payment is due on June 1st (12 month plan) or August 1st (ten  month plan) and the final payment is due on May 1st. In order to elect the twelve month payment plan, enrollment forms must be received in the  business office no later mid April of the current school year.   
Payment Options
Payments may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover, electronic withdrawal, or automatic bill pay. You may mail your payments to the school or drop off your payment in the school office. 
Payment Policy 
All payments are due on the 1st of each month. Any account not paid on or before the 10th of the month is considered past due and may be assessed a late fee. If at the end of two months a payment is still due, and, unless prior arrangements have been made, the students may be denied attendance at NCS until the account is settled. Any curriculum fees, lab fees, sports fees, and fines are due as they occur during the school year. Report cards and school records will be withheld if required payments are not made in full or if payment arrangements have not been approved by the financial administration. 
Returned Check Policy
Any bank charges imposed on NCS for returned checks will be charged to the student account